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What would most benefit your Avaya CMS call centre reporting solution?

When we asked attendees of a recent webinar what would most benefit their Avaya CMS reporting solution they overwhelmingly told us that an easy to use web-based interface would be of greatest benefit (46%).

Next on the list came a simple way to automatically distribute call centre reports for almost a quarter of attendees. 15% said they’d benefit from unlimited users having access to and being able to create permission-based reports.

Five reasons to migrate to Avaya call centre reporting on the web

Recently, NetLert ran an online webinar in which they examined the five reasons why you want to migrate to web-based Avaya call or contact centre reporting.

Here we examine those five reasons.

Reason one: limited access to data

One of the objections we frequently come across from Call Centre Managers when they discuss reporting is the limited access to data from their current Avaya solution.



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